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Frame Assembly For Frame In-house Job

We were recently commission to create a glass 'A' frame assembly for a Sydney based glass company. This was specifically engineer for their or their ‘A’ Frame in-house job. We made a 25mm x 1 meter tail complete with a cam buckle with a protective rubber wear sleeve consisting dimensions of 50mm x 300mm with a 'S' hook on the end. We Additionally we made a 25mm x 3 meter long strap with 2 x 50mm rubber wear sleeve used as floating wear sleeve on top.


We are proud to be one of the few companies in Australia to make custom Buggy straps. This custom 'Wheel Harness Strap'  has a load capacity (LC) of 500kg per strap with 50mm of top quality webbing.

The Melbourne based customer chose a bright red to match his Buggy and requested the back wheel strap to have a black strap on the top to tell which strap was for the back wheel as it is wider in width than the front and was frustrated in getting the straps confused.

All in all the customer was over the moon with this custom solution for his pride and joy.

SP Wireless Loadshackles used with air hoist at Port Boynton

Dynamic Rigging Hire (DRH) supplied a Straightpoint 25t Wireless Loadshackle and a 20t girder trolley, which combined with a 16t air hoist, for remediation work beneath a fuel terminal jetty at Port Bonython in South Australia. 

The Wireless Loadshackle is particularly suited to low headroom applications, for example, while additional features include its hard anodised aluminium electronics enclosure and an internal chassis providing IP67 / NEMA6 environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing. 

New Web Cutter Commissioned

Load Restraint Systems recently commisioned a state of the art automated web cutter to complement our recent purchase of new sewing machines.

These acquisitions have cut lead times substantially on bespoke webbing products. So if you're looking for webbing products that are non-standard, LRS is the place to come.

Call our sales team on 1300 577 757 to discuss your requirements.


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