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Straightpoint has developed a 25kN wireless loadcell specifically engineered to fit any standard tow-hitch to monitor tensile towing forces. This is specifically useful for carriageway clearance for emergency services, rescue and salvage and 4×4 events. Rugged, lightweight and compact the Towcell® slots onto any tow-hitch whether standard 2″ ball or pin assembly with ease and is ready to use in seconds.

Modelled on their best-selling Radiolink plus the Towcell® is constructed with high quality aircraft grade aluminium and features an advanced internal design structure that provides the product with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio but also allows the use of a separate internal sealed enclosure providing the Towcell® electronic components with IP67/NEMA6 waterproof environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing. Utilising easy to source AA alkaline batteries and offering a massive battery life of 1200 hours the Towcell® has no easily broken external antennae.

Download our PDF for more information and specifications. Alternatively, please contact us on 1300 437 842 for further information.